Our History

Our company, Saspo Services GmbH, was founded in 2019. Initially, the company was part of the Hahn Air Group under the name Saspo Direct. When the cooperation ended due to strategical reasons, we decided to run Saspo Services independently. Especially our strong wish to continue what we love to do and at the same time being our own bosses was very appealing to us….so we decided to take on this new challenge.

Thanks to the great support of our former employer Hahn Air, to make this transition as smooth as possible, we finally started to operate fully independently on 1st October 2019.

We plunged into work in the middle of the high season together with two other colleagues which agreed to join us on this new adventure.

The beginning of our own story seemed to be just perfect. But then, two and a half months later, Covid-19 came along and not only affected us but the whole tourism industry worldwide.

Since then, we have been fighting against the economic impact and the ever-changing travel restrictions while doing our best to handle your group trips in the same way as before – by providing you the best service possible.

We have also learned to adapt to the new normal. We are trying new ways, we are expanding our options and horizons and we are not giving up!

You can count on us – your expert for group flights – also in the future!

Our Philosophy

We want to put our customers first and help them simplify their daily work while establishing a long-term relationship based on confidence and trust. Only together we succeed.